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❒ Doctor. ❒ Lawyer. ☑ Saving people and hunting things, the family business.

Female | Toronto.

What am I? A Hunter (Supernaturalist). Whovian. Sherlockian. Merkin. Ringer. Tribute. Avenger. Trekkie. Potterhead. Rum-Runner. Mishaminion (Minion). Part of the Cumber Collective. Hiddlestoner. Moosekateer. Some other stuff I love: WTNV; Game of Thrones; Pushing Daisies. Favourite superhero? Tie between Iron Man & Batman.
Ships: J2M, Cockles, Destiel, Sabriel, Sastiel, Spirk, Johnlock, Merthur

Feminist and proud ~

make me choose between two things
↳garthed asked: jensen ackles or aaron paul?

I know how you look into a mirror… and hate what you see.

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Hurt Sam leaning on Dean ♥


Hurt Sam leaning on Dean


Captain America: The Winter Soldier - Second After Credits Scene

Chris Evans for Variety

The east wind is coming Sherlock

My mom said, “Don’t do it, Pearl”. She said, “He’s the kind of boy that loses all the time, and you know what those boys grow up to be, don’t ya? Losers”.


F**king love it when they do this.

Tenth DoctorPlanet of the Dead


Real dialogue. I shit you not.